„In more than hundred years of our baking experience, we have created a large family of customers who like bread, pastry and sweet delicacies from our warm baking ovens. This are the values that moves us forward…“



Our production has always had its name and surname in the market through the history, and hereunder are some years that we are especially proud of.

1903, Križevci, the company „The first steam-powered flour-mill and steam-powered sawmill of Križevci Hinko Švarc and sons “ (the company built the wheat grinding mill)

1913, Križevci, a new mill was built with the capacity of 20 tons in 24 hours

1946, Križevci, the state mill company „Kalnik“ bought the mill of the family Švarc

1954., Križevci, the capacity of the mill plant was enlarged, because the mill was electrified and modernised

1960, Križevci, the company was joined by the baking cooperative „Napredak“, and the production of bread and pastry was united with the cereal processing

1969, Zagreb, the largest industrial bakery in the state of that time was opened; it remained the largest bakery until today

1993, Križevci, the transition from public ownership into the joint stock company Mlinar d.d. was performed

2000, Zagreb, the plant for the production of frozen products was built

2001-2004, the extension to the territory of Dalmatia; the purchase of baking plants in Split, Sinj, Makarska and Kuna Pelješka

2005, ecological production of cereals

2007, ISO 9001 and HACCP standards were introduced

2009, Mlinar makes business within the Škojo Group in Osijek, the production is organised in large bakeries at the locations in Križevci, Osijek, Zagreb and Poreč

2012, a new production plant was built at the address Radnička cesta 228c in Zagreb, being the largest production and distribution centre in the region

2012, Mlinar products obtained the Kosher certificate

2012, at the end of the year, the shops in Slovenia were opened being of identical design and offer, equally as in the shops in Croatia

2013, In March, the first Mlinar shop was opened in the centre of Budapest

2013, Mlinar obtained the Halal certificate for the production, distribution and sale of baking and confectionery products, sandwiches and salads
2015, at the most prestigious location in Munich, at Marienplatz, Mlinar opened its first bakery store on German market
2015, Mlinar francshise business model has been implemented in Slovakia
2016, franchise bakery stores under Mlinar brand are opened in Australia (Sydney) and Switzerland (Luzern)