„In more than hundred years of our baking experience, we have created a large family of customers who like bread, pastry and sweet delicacies from our warm baking ovens. This are the values that moves us forward…“

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Mlinar d.d. has been a leading company in the Croatian baking industry for many years, and new human resources have brought a completely new spirit, approach and attitude in Mlinar. Mlinar’s young and ambitious team is continuing to spread and develop the business with continuous investment in technology and production capacities, and in the highly developed network of the points of sale.

Do you wish to be a part of this team and to contribute to the successful development of Mlinar with your dedicated work, knowledge and experience? Fill in this form or send an e-mail with your data to the address ljudski.potencijali@mlinar.eu.com .

We offer a permanent job in a stable company, safe income and a stimulating working environment.
We try to be the best in our work and create working teams where everyone feels well. Please, do try.




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