„In more than hundred years of our baking experience, we have created a large family of customers who like bread, pastry and sweet delicacies from our warm baking ovens. This are the values that moves us forward…“


Franchising Opportunities

Croatian food treasure is now available for every food lover and creator of good business- throughout our franchise!

Mlinar’s bakery carefully fosters the values of the highest quality production, modern design and baking embraced within the most modern packaging, layout and highest standards available. Our mission is to produce and sell our products in each and every part of the world, expanding our business family on a wave of confidence and modernity. Once you become a part of our food creation, you will essentialy generate best traditional Croatian bakery products in the world.

The best thing about our franchise is that you do not need experience in running or owning a bakery or food business, you do not even need to worry how to start a business, you only need to have love for food and desire to become the best.

We will provide you with the training required to run the Mlinar‘s store, which includes areas such as the practical and theoretical baking, business management, inventory management, store management and customer service. As part of our franchise network, we will vest you an educated person who will be your support in your first month(or more if needed) of business managing. You actually get a full job-running on the spot. Our training programs are based on experience and dedicated work over the past hundred years and are designed to ensure the standard quality in every Mlinar’s franchise store.

If you decide to become our franchisee, We will hand on to you our complete know how and ensure complete training in duration of 2 weeks in Zagreb before the store opening. This means that you get full education, from the production to baking and selling. Furthermore, a handbook which consists of more than 100 years of know how will be handed to franchisee after the contract is signed.

The available options for the franchises are: Mlinar shop, Mlinar classic and Mlinar caffe.

Mlinar shop- small, 25-40 sqm shop, located near public facilities and highly frequented areas like airports, on busy streets/areas, malls, trainstations, hospitals, open markets, retail chains, malls, places and areas without a lot of space for a big shops etc.

Mlinar classic- store sized 30-70 sqm with 2-8 sales person, located near busy street corners, shopping malls, neighborhoods, town squers, tram or bus stations, down town centers etc.

Mlinar Caffe- luxury line of MLINAR brand and preferred franchisebrand, sized 70-200 sqm with 5-12 sales person.

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