Our reputation is based on a wide selection of various types of products. Their taste is achieved according to the habits of consumers, making the freshness an imperative. Healthy and certified products result from the obligation we have towards our own tradition.

Apart from implementing ISO 9001 and HACCP systems that demand top quality of products, Mlinar products bear the label of Kosher certificate, which means that they are prepared in accordance with the Jewish law and the regulations of Tore, and they can be consumed by the members of Jewish religious community.

You can find the list of Kosher products here.

At the beginning of 2013, Mlinar products were certified also by Halal certificate that presents all characteristics of products or services that are in accordance with the Islamic regulations and meet the quality criteria, being as such allowed for the Islamic consumers. Halal products are acceptable for the persons of all ages and religions, and they are present in all eating habits guaranteeing the safety of quality.

You can find the list of Halal products here.

HACCP certificate.

IFS certificate.

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